Black Desert Furniture Buffs

I love decorating. I’ve moved house and redecorated several times in Black Desert…just because I can. But furniture and ornamental items aren’t just appealing to the eyes, some of them have valuable buffs for your character. Here’s a quick look at all of the buffs for items you can acquire in-game and Pearl Store items you can buy.

In-Game Furniture Items

Item Buff Description
Stuffed Gray Wolf Head Max HP +20 for 1 hour
Stuffed Fox Head MP Recovery +2 for 1 hour
Stuffed Bear Head Max HP +30 for 1 hour
Bear Hide Carpet Max HP+30 for 1 hour
High-Quality Bear Hide Carpet Max HP +40 for 1 hour
Stuffed Weasel MP Recovery +1 for 1 hour
Purified Tree Spirit Sprout Gathering Speed +2 Levels for 1 hour
Scrapper’s Gloves Ornament  Max HP +40 for 1 hour
Halberd of the Swamp Ornament Fall damage -20% for 1 hour
Statue of Blind Faith Ornament Additional Damage Against Humans +3 for 1 hour
Jack-o’-Lantern Ornament Increased movement speed for 1 hour
Witch’s Shoulder Ornament Movement speed +2 Levels for 1 hour
Grotesque Flag Ornament Additional damage against Demihumans +3 for 1 hour
Imp Captain’s Knife All damage +15 for 1 hour
Muskan’s Bloody Steel Helmet All evasion +15 for 1 hour
Bheg’s Shining Helmet Critical Hit +2 Levels for 1 hour
Goblin Chief Helmet All accuracy +11 for 1 hour

The in-game items mainly drop from mobs or within reward bundles, but you can also buy them from the marketplace when they are available.

Pearl Store Furniture Items

(It doesn’t matter which style – the buffs are all the same)

Item Buff Description
Drawers Luck +1 for 2 hours
Dining Room Table Gathering Speed +1 for 2 hours
Chair MP Recovery +2 for 2 hours
Sofa HP Recovery +3 for 2 hours

Happy decorating!