BDO Cherry Blossom Event Mini-Guide

It’s Spring! And hey, what better way to enjoy the warmer weather than to sit inside and grow digital cherry blossom trees! šŸ™‚ BDO is giving some pretty awesome goodies in the Cherry Blossom Event, so here’s a quick guide on how to participate:

**This event ends May 4th**

For this event, you just need to gather cherry blossom seeds from the wild and plant them in your farm to grow cherry blossom trees. The trees will give you cherry blossom petals, which you can exchange for unlimited number of cherry blossom pots (a house decor item) and cherry blossom earrings (no stats – purely cosmetic + 2 dye slots!).


  1. Gather cherry blossom seeds from Dry Thicket, Wild Herb, or Desert Herb. The patch notes say to do it by hand, but I’ve got them with a hoe, as well.
  2. Plant your seeds in your farm (start a small farm by renting a fence). You need 2 grids in your farm, so the beginner fence (1 grid) that you get from the farming quest won’t work, unfortunately.
  3. Tend to your trees. They only grow when you are online and they take about 8 hours (around 6.5 with fertilizer).
  4. Harvest the petals from your trees when they reach maximum maturity (Try to harvest at 100% — if it goes over 100%, you get less petals)
  5. Turn your petals in to either Hunt (seed vendor) in Heidel or Ahr in Calpheon to obtain your goodies.
  6. Rewards

    • Cherry Blossom Pot – 10 cherry blossom petals
    • Cherry Blossom Earrings – 30 cherry blossom petals

    In addition to the awesome items above, you can also eat petals (ick) to gain a 30 minute buff : Attack/Movement/Cast Speed +1, Critical Hit +1, HP & MP +30. But before you go eating all your petals, you should know that you can also sell them for a whopping $10,000 silver each!