BDO Wild Horse Identification

BDO Wild Horse Identification Tier 1 and Tier 3 Taming Horses

The sun is going down and you have one rope left. You’re looking at two horses in the wild, but… which is the Tier 1 and which is the Tier 3? It’s not always easy to tell! Here’s a little visual guide for BDO horse identification in the wild.

There are currently 8 different horses you can tame in the wild (as of March, 2017). Here’s what they look like from the side (click for bigger images):

As you can see, the T1-B and T3-C look very much alike! In the wrong light, you may not be able to tell the difference. But in the right conditions, there are some clues – such as the T1-B having a much lighter face. Here’s some more images to help tell them apart:

Want to see what other horses in the game look like? Check out my complete horse gallery here!


    • If you only want to tame horses in the wild, then this is the only T5 they have released for taming. However, there are 15 different T5 horses in the game that you could buy from the marketplace or you can breed your tamed horses to hopefully get another look. 🙂 Here are all of the horses in the game right now:

  1. Thanks for the great guide, It’s really helped me on my travels looking for higher tier horses. I’m finding it really difficult to distinguish between certain horses though, in certain lights a few tiers look the same to me. Any suggestions for this?

    • I’m glad it’s helped! BDO has some really weird lighting sometimes that definitely makes it hard to tell what horse you’re looking at. I recommend getting the horse out in the open a bit, if possible, by sort of chasing it out from under trees, etc. Sadly, it’s tough to tell what you’re looking at in the dark and sometimes it’s just a guess! Good luck out there!

  2. Great guide, love it.
    However, idk if they changed this or not, but I literally found the T3 Female, but it was a male in the end. I’m 100% certain it’s the same image that you have for the T3F, most definitely because of the braided hair.
    11 wild horses caught, still no female t3s, or females in general.

    • Males and females look the same, I’m afraid. The “F” in the name of that horse (T3F) refers to the appearance letter in that set of horses, rather than the gender. And that sounds like some really lousy luck you’ve had with catching all males! Fingers crossed to catch some females.

  3. This is very helpful, thank you violet!
    There are some tips to identify the wild horse using certain details:
    Tier 5: This one is hard to tell from its body color or hair color. Pay attention to its hoof! There should be unique white color marks around all four hooves. All other wild horses don’t have anything like this.

    Tier 4: Its hair is kinda different from all others. It’s chocolate and a bit red.

    Tier 3: For the white one, you can tell it’s a bit green body color while in-game. The brown one is easy – look at its tail, very unique.

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