BDO Underwater Ocean Exploration is Here!

Black Desert BDO underwater exploration content patch

One of my favorite areas of Black Desert is the vast ocean. Sailing around to different islands and fishing from the boat are incredibly relaxing. And now, we have even more to explore! Today we got the BDO underwater ocean content. We can now swim underwater and explore new fish, plants and terrain. For a quick look, watch my video below. Spoiler — I die inside a massive cave. 🙂

BDO Underwater Swimming: Dive Right in!

Some big changes were made to the swimming mechanic, most notably:

  1. You can no longer drown. If you run out of breath, you will automatically float to the surface to breathe
  2. You can no longer use health pots to keep going 🙁
  3. Breath meter has been doubled (now 60 seconds)
  4. Once your swimming stamina is depleted, you get a massive movement speed debuff. You’ll need to stand on a surface to replenish your stamina and clear the debuff


Obviously, the Fish costume from the Pearl Shop will increase your swimming speed, but if you aren’t planning to buy the convenience costume, you can also use elixirs, food and craftable costumes to increase your movement speed and stamina, and be able to breathe longer underwater.


  1. Elixir of Seal: Underwater breathing for 60 seconds
  2. Agile Seal Elixir: Underwater breathing for 90 seconds
  3. Meat Sandwich: Movement Speed +2, Stamina +100
  4. Balenos Meal: Movement +2, Fishing +2, Gathering +2 for 90 minutes
  5. Balenos Special: Movement +2, Fishing +2, Gathering +2 for 110 minutes

See you under the sea!

UPDATE! Are you ready to head to deeper waters? Check out my video series on building the Epheria Sailboat!